2015 rare RBC Graduate Scholarship in Water Research

The rare Charitable Research Reserve has partnered with the RBC Blue Water Project to financially assist students in pursuit of higher education as they tackle important water-related issues. The Scholarship will allow students to study in a relatively undisturbed, yet highly accessible site. The monetary award will help ensure successful candidates have the necessary resources to conduct and report on their research at rare. It will also allow the student to give an oral presentation at a conference in their discipline.

Applications can be submitted until 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015.

Please click here to download more information on scholarship eligibility and the application process. 

WWF Releases Freshwater Health Report

WWF-Canada has released a report on the healthiness of seven Canadian watersheds: the Athabasca River, the Fraser River, the Ottawa River, the St. John River, the South Saskatchewan River, the Skeena River, and the Thames River. The results are based on four core metrics that, along with groups like the Canadian Rivers Institute, the St. Lawrence River Institute, and Trout Unlimited Canada, the organization identifies as a way to determine the overall health of a watershed.

For more information, visit: http://watercanada.net/2013/wwf-releases-freshwater-health-report/