The economies of Canada and the United States are tightly interwoven. The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner, and trade with the United States comprises 85% of Canada’s two-way trade with other countries. In the last decade, Canada has also become the largest supplier of energy to the United States, surpassing the Middle East. Exports include uranium and hydroelectric power, as well as oil and natural gas. Much of this supplied energy is highly dependent upon water in one form or another and will have a lasting effect on Canada’s water legacy.

The countries have created a number of mechanisms for dealing with cross-boundary environmental matters including air, water, and migratory wildlife. In September 2004, the United States announced that it would proceed with the Devils Lake diversion, sending Missouri Basin water from North Dakota into the Red River system in Manitoba. The diversion is opposed by many Canadians as a threat to Canadian aquatic ecosystems. Meanwhile, British Columbia’s decision to allow drilling in the Flathead River Basin is being strongly contested by American and Canadian interest groups on both sides of the border. Conflicts over water along the shared boundary will likely increase in the years ahead.


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