Panel Discussion
“Climate Change, Freshwater Management, and the Role of Science”
Scott Vaughan, Gord Miller, David McLaughlin and Jeffrey Simpson

This 2012 event examined the impacts of climate change on Canada’s freshwater resources. The panelists explored the importance of scientific research and monitoring in understanding the state of freshwater resources and in managing them sustainably, as well as the linkages between water use and the natural resource sectors in Canada.

Panelists included:

Scott Vaughan- Federal Environment Commissioner, Office of the Auditor General

Gord Miller – Provincial Environment Commissioner, Province of Ontario

David McLaughlin – President and CEO, National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

Moderator: Jeffrey Simpson – National Affairs Columnist, Globe and Mail


Download Conference Agenda here.

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A webcast of the event is available to watch on demand. You can tune in here to watch. webcast