POWI Research

Since its formation in 2001, The Program on Water Issues has earned widespread recognition for its ability to develop collaborative research, facilitate dialogue, and provide timely education on critical freshwater issues. Working collaboratively with experts, institutions, agencies and NGOs, POWI has  developed discussion papers and hosted conferences on a range of important and emerging freshwater issues including:

  • Climate change, freshwater and the role of science (2012)
  • The future of the Columbia River Treaty (2012)
  • Environmental monitoring of oil sands development (2011)
  • The impacts of shale gas development on water (2010)
  • The impacts of carbon capture and storage on groundwater (2009)
  • A Model Act for preserving Canada’s waters from bulk export (2008)
  • The downstream impacts of oil sands development on the Great Lakes (2008)
  • The impacts of oil sands development on the Athabasca River (2007)
  • Water, energy and North American integration (2007)
  • Great Lakes water use, diversion and bulk water export (2004/2005)
  • Groundwater in North America (2002) and the Great Lakes Basin (2003)

In 2007, POWI established the Canadian Water Issues Council (CWIC), a group of Canada’s most knowledgeable water experts, to provide advice on critical water issues.

Where appropriate, POWI translates reports into French.