Panel Discussion
“A Model Act for Preserving Canada’s Waters”
Canadian Water Issues Council

This 2008 Panel Discussion, hosted by POWI, was based on “A Model Act for Preserving Canada’s Water”, which was prepared by the Canadian Water Issues Council (CWIC). The Model Act focuses on the public policy question: Are there options available to Canada to deter bulk water removals that are both consistent with Canada’s trade obligations and desirable from other public policy perspectives? CWIC argues that such options exist, and moreover should command wide support from all political parties and diverse groups in civil society. The paper is offered by CWIC as a starting point to help build consensus among Canadians on the matter. It describes a model federal statute to preserve Canada’s waters from bulk removal, a statute that would be both consistent with Canada’s trade obligations and respectful of the roles of different levels of government within Canada. This discussion was webcast live on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 (9:30 AM EST). An archived version is now available along with French and English audio recordings.

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Panel Discussion
“Water, Energy and North American Integration”
Andrew Nikiforuk

Drawing on expertise from various perspectives, this 2007 “day of discussion” was designed to raise issues and stimulate dialogue on emerging domestic, bilateral and continental water policies of significance to Canadians. It focused on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that many contend is a blueprint for both the deep economic integration of Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as a sharing of continental energy. The discussion was focused on the Discussion Paper, “On the Table: Water, Energy and North American Integration” by Andrew Nikiforuk. “On the Table” explores recent events relating to water export, including increasing water supply problems in the U.S. and Mexico, recent activities in Canada and the U.S. that promote the export of water from Canada, the myths of water abundance in Canada, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and the water-energy nexus in a continental context.

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